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SPECIAL SUMMER SHOW zaterdag 13 juli 2024 20:00

Experience the wonders of the universe at our special summer show, at DOTliveplanetarium! Dive into the mysteries of the night sky with a captivating journey through the constellations, planets, and distant galaxies. This immersive experience features cutting-edge visuals and a dynamic soundtrack, making it perfect for all ages. Join us for an unforgettable adventure as we explore the cosmos and uncover the secrets of our celestial neighbours, from the radiant Milky Way to the stunning beauty of nebulae and star clusters. This summer show is particularly special as it marks the final performance for several members of our team, making it an event not to be missed. Come celebrate their contributions and witness this stellar event, running throughout the summer season!

Taal: Engels
Duur: 60 minuten

Reserveren voor:
zaterdag 13 juli 2024, 20:00 uur

Prijssoort Prijs Aantal
DOT Live Planetarium: ticket € 7,50 
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