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GAIA AND THE MILKY WAY [EN] woensdag 3 april 2024 20:00

Dish of the day between 18:30-19:00
On this Wednesday you may admire the star sky and our galaxy in the 20 meter planetarium of DOT. We will start to lookup at the star sky from Earth and guide you along the constellations. We will then leave Earth and travel through our home galaxy, the Milky Way. We now know more about the Milky Way than ever before, thanks to the latest results of the #Gaia space observatory. In this planetarium show we will show the newest maps of the Milky Way with more than a billion stars from Gaia Data Release 2.

Taal: Engels
Duur: 60 minuten

Reserveren voor:
woensdag 03 april 2024, 20:00 uur

De voorstelling is reeds begonnen of voorbij, er kunnen geen kaarten meer voor besteld worden.
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